The 9 Best Writing Programs for Elementary Students

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Oct 5th, 2023

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When we think about our kids’ education, one crucial thing is fostering their ability to think and express themselves freely through writing.

Today’s learning methods have changed a lot, and most students have habituated themselves to learning in front of a screen. This situation makes it difficult for them to write and express themselves clearly. If your child is facing this issue, check the best writing programs for elementary students available online.

The Best Writing Programs for Elementary Students

It is common for many children to encounter difficulty in writing, especially at the elementary level. Education experts have already addressed the issue and worked on methods to improve their skills at writing. Amongst all, writing something original is essential. With so many writing programs targeted at different levels, we have compiled a list of such writing programs that will benefit your children. How will you choose the perfect program? Read about the courses below, so you can assess the benefits each one could provide to your children.

1. Night Zookeeper

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Who said that gaining literacy skills has to be boring? Night Zookeeper is one of the most engaging learning platforms that’s tailor-made for elementary students. It’s using gamification and providing children with personalized feedback to motivate them to learn reading and writing at their own pace. Some of the activities include learning new vocabulary, writing creative stories, completing writing-related puzzles, and much more. The design of the product is pretty amazing, with beautiful graphics, interesting characters, and exciting challenges that your kid will want to take part in. It’s available on laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. The best part is that this service is cheap, starting at $5 per month, similar to what you could expect from a cheap essay editing service (there’s even a free trial so you can test it.)

2. Quill

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Quill is another great writing program for elementary students that emphasizes composition and grammar. This program features plenty of learning elements, which are organized into five separate tool sections. For example, there is a diagnostic feature that evaluates a student’s skills and assigns activities based on their skill level. The lessons section shows instructions regarding prompts, topics for discussion, etc. The grammar section focuses on grammar and sentence construction, while the connect tool assigns writing activities for advanced levels. Lastly, it comes with a proofreader section for fixing mistakes and final touch-ups. Quill is a useful program that focuses on the fundamentals of good composition, and it is very easy to use for its layout. Teachers can track a student’s progress efficiently with this system.

3. BoomWriter

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This is another splendid writing program that tries to build up writing and composition skills through creativity and communication. BoomWriter is the place to engage your students quickly and make them do better each time. The program features frequent interactions between a student and his or her instructors and fellow students to bring the best out of everybody. Students can also compete for writing chapters – the program comes with pre-written prompts, and the teacher may select the chapters for the students to work on. There are specific periods for them to finish, and after that, they can communicate what everyone has written. The program enables the students to read what everybody else has written, and based on that, a winner can be selected. Listening to others read and share their perspective is a wonderful learning experience for kids. It allows them to be more flexible and see things from different angles. They can also add new flavors to their writing – be it new themes or new styles of compositions.

4. Writable

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Writable is a writing program that pushes the limits of web-based courses. The contents of this program cover all major aspects of any writing genre suited for grades 3 – 12. The program involves an instructor and a few students, but other teachers may also join in through invitations. Students learn to write different compositions – be they explanatory, argument-based, or even informational. There are also many types and levels of assignments. Students learn to create from short write-ups to long multi-paragraphed essays. The teachers manage the revision process and peer feedback. They can also jump in to provide additional comments. After the teachers have finished the review, the content goes back to the writer. Once the changes are introduced, it goes for a second review, where the teachers complete and grade the writing. Besides that, there is another tool available called RevisionAid, which is super helpful in analyzing writings. It adds multiple layers to the review circles to show the levels of corrections in specific colors.

5. NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program

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This writing program prods students to aspire to be bigger, better, and unique. NaNoWriMo emphasizes writing skills development so well that it enables students to pen an entire novel by themselves. Most of this program’s resources are classroom-ready, which is a great thing to boost the confidence of students. The program takes the traditional home assignment method, where the students have to finish a chapter overnight and bring it to the class. Then, the teacher will help with the word count of every piece of writing – focusing more on the quantity than quality at first to make students feel accomplished. However, the lack of quality will become the focus of discussion in the review meeting, where the teacher can talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each writing. Although most of the writings will happen overnight, they can still take place between regular periods of learning the language and its structure. The teacher may join in and keep track of the writings in real-time, so the students remain motivated. The teacher can throw the students writing challenges and assign time limits to let them test their creativity to the fullest. After a month, the final review takes place. Students can introspect their writing abilities and make changes accordingly. These features make it one of the best writing programs for elementary students.

6. Connections Academy

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Connections Academy is an all-around platform, which focuses on providing writing courses to elementary grade children. They came up with a specialized method called Personalized Performance Learning, which checks a child’s background and learning capabilities and then sets a goal to maximize effective learning. The method is customizable, as per the child’s needs, as nobody’s learning curve is linear. This service is worth checking out if you’re on a tight budget, or can’t send your child to a regular school for whatever reason. Joining an online learning community is a great alternative to traditional schooling. By participating in a professionally designed online learning program, your child can learn the writing skills to thrive in today’s competitive environment. And best of all, it’s free!

7. WritingCity

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Another excellent writing curriculum that fits both teachers and students equally is WritingCity. The program focuses on kid writers. It unlocks the young ones’ ability to express themselves, stokes their creativity, and eliminates writing and grammar mistakes. The program is so easy to use, and it eliminates countless hours of planning and preparation. WritingCity also emphasizes classroom demonstration, interactive whiteboard lessons, daily lesson plans, and authentic student writers’ samples.

8. Write Bright Station

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If you’re looking for a robust elementary grade writing program, Write Bright Station would be a great choice. This curriculum offers a lot. From videos that provide co-teaching experience to daily grammar lessons, score booster tips, and even learning an effective frame system to break down essays. Each lesson in this program follows a specific formula to keep the consistency intact and gradually build up confidence for young writers. With all that, it is extremely user-friendly for teachers, as it says – made by a teacher, for teachers.

9. Writing A-Z

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This program provides a detailed approach to nurturing writing talents. Writing A-Z offers a plethora of resources teachers can use to guide any student – from fundamental levels to the more complicated. While most of the resources depend on the traditional worksheet style, the system makes it easier for students to build up skills steadily. The best feature of this program is that it puts a lot of emphasis on the interactive side. Including other elements in the learning process such as songs helps students capitalize on a certain word and also lets teachers logically assess the works. On the other side, the program may not be pushing the boundaries of innovation, but it provides a well-rounded approach.

Bottom line

Assigning to a writing program is one of the best things you can do for your children to develop their pen-pushing ability. Learning to write better involves critical and rational thinking without stifling the creative side. It also teaches empathy and helps students to process emotions deeply. Each of the course providers we discussed here offers some unique features. Hence, all of them deserve to be on the list of the best writing programs for elementary students. It is up to you which one you would opt for. Next up, you may want to explore a guide to the best assignment help websites for students.

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