How to Develop a New Skill in Under 10 Hours (A Quick Guide)

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Oct 5th, 2023

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Want to pick up a new skill in just 10 hours?

With focused effort and the right approach, you can grasp the essentials of nearly any skill in that timeframe. Begin with a brief research phase and sketch out a learning plan. Set a tangible goal, whether it’s penning a compelling essay, conversing in Spanish, or strumming a song on the guitar. Dive into the skill’s core components, and complement your understanding with hands-on exercises. Remember, mastering a skill means practicing it. Log your hours, and use the 10-hour benchmark as motivation to accelerate your learning.

10-hour skill development plan:

  • 1h – Set a learning goal, create a study plan, and learn about the basic components of a skill
  • 2h – Break down the skill into smaller parts and get a big-picture overview
  • 3h – Get the learning materials and learn from the experts
  • 4h – Engage in deliberate practice (take breaks and hydrate)
  • 5h – Engage in deliberate practice (don’t be afraid to make mistakes)
  • 6h – Engage in deliberate practice (watch video tutorials and implement new knowledge immediately)
  • 7h – Engage in deliberate practice (complete exercises and time yourself)
  • 8h – Engage in deliberate practice (use brain-focus music and caffeine to keep you engaged)
  • 9h – Get feedback from someone who’s an expert at what you’re learning
  • 10h – Review and reflect on what you’ve learned

How to Develop a New Skill Fast?

When dreaming of acquiring new skills, we often think that we don’t have enough time. We tell ourselves that we need to find a few hours each week to dedicate to learning something new. However, unless you’re studying for a medical exam or becoming a rocket scientist, you don’t need to set aside a large chunk of time to learn a new skill. You can learn a new skill in as little as 10 hours. Of course, the 10-hour rule is not an exact science, but it’s a good general guideline to follow. Besides setting aside time each day to practice a new skill, it is also important to engage in deliberate practice. This means you should focus on overcoming your weaknesses and strive to get better each minute. If you follow the 10-hour rule and practice with intentionality and passion, you will be surprised at how quickly you can learn a new skill.

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The 10-Hour Rule for Learning a New Skill

The 10-hour rule is based on the premise that it takes 10 hours of deliberate practice to become proficient in a new skill. This means that if you set aside an hour each day to practice a new skill, you can become reasonably skilled within 10 days. While this may seem like a lot of time, it is very manageable if you break it down into shorter bouts of learning. Focusing on skill acquisition for a longer period will help you learn the material more thoroughly. Of course, you can try to cram everything in an epic 10-hour learning session, but it’s way better to get some sleep in between each session, as it will help you solidify your abilities.

Why Set Aside Time to Learn Something New Every Day?

Whether it’s taking an online course, reading an informative blog post, or watching a tutorial video, dedicating even just an hour to learning can pay off. Learning new things helps you keep up with the latest advancements in your field and gives you a competitive edge over those who don’t stay informed.

How Learning a New Skill Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Whether you’re looking to change careers or simply want to level up in your current field of endeavor, learning a new skill can help you achieve that goal. Do you want to become proficient in JavaScript programming? Then you have to learn stuff beyond basic coding. Perhaps you can start by signing up for a free online course on sites that offer them like FreeCodeCamp. The important thing is taking the first step to learning. You will never learn to swim without getting in the water. But how do you go about quickly mastering something new?

how learning new skills help you achieve your goals

Extra Tips on How to Develop a New Skill in Record Time:

1. Start with the Basics

Make sure you understand the basics of the skill you’re trying to learn before you practice. Whether you want to master a sport or become astute in investing in the stock market, you have to master the fundamentals first so you won’t be groping in the dark. The key is to break down complex skills into small chunks and practice them until they become second nature. It’s like learning how to drive. After logging in a few miles on the road, driving becomes almost effortless. When setting up your practice schedule, set reasonable goals that are within reach and prioritize these activities over others.

start with the basics

2. Set Aside Time Each Day to Practice

If you want to develop a new skill in under 10 hours, you’ll need to create a calendar block dedicated to learning. Even just 30 minutes a day can make a difference. Why do you think world-class athletes spend at least a couple of hours each day on the court, track, or pool to practice? It’s to nourish these precious neural connections! That’s right, if the skill you are trying to learn is heavy on the physical aspects, train your muscles to adapt better to the task. Review and practice frequently so that everything is top-of-mind and remains fresh in your mind. With consistency, patience, discipline, and dedication, you should be able to master any skill in no time.

3. Find a Coach or Mentor

A coach or mentor can help you learn the ins and outs of a new skill and can provide relevant feedback on your progress. Your mentor could be a paid professional (if you can afford it), or just someone close to you who has more knowledge and experience in the skill you thirst to learn. For example, you want to learn how to cook different pasta sauces. Perhaps your mom, aunt, or a friend can show you some techniques around the kitchen. Imagine, if they can spend 1 hour with you every week to teach you, those hours can turn into beautiful bonding moments too!

4. Use Technology

Several online resources, many of them free, can help you learn a new skill. Use them to supplement your practice time. Nowadays, there seem to be apps or video tutorial channels for anything you want to learn. Do you want to learn how to play the piano, or do yoga the correct way? There are mentors or YouTube videos that can show you how! Just don’t forget to do your due diligence when hiring a paid teacher. Check their credentials first and read consumers’ reviews before signing up and paying tuition or service fees.

stay motivated

5. Stay Motivated

Learning a new skill can be challenging, so you need to find creative ways to stay motivated and plow through several more hours of practice. Set small goals and celebrate your accomplishments along the way. The path to education can be daunting and one of your biggest challenges will be finding the motivation and the time to commit to it. But if you’re willing to put in work and focus on getting better, you can make incredible progress within only 10 hours.

Go Ahead, Develop a New Skill Now!

With the right attitude, you can develop a new skill in under 10 hours of practice. Although this may seem intimidating or abstract at first, time management and focus are key components to success. Choose a new skill that you have an interest in and give yourself an achievable timeline to follow. Break down the challenging tasks into smaller, more manageable goals with benchmarks of accomplishment along the way. Practice makes perfect when developing any new skill. Spend at least an hour a day of quality practice to help speed up the learning process. Lastly, don’t forget to pause between chunks of work. Regular breaks from any rigorous activity are essential for increased productivity in the long term. If you keep these tips in mind, you will find developing a new skill in under 10 hours an achievable reality! Next up, you may want to explore a guide to the best software testing boot camps.

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