The Best Adjustable Computer Monitor Arm for You (8 Picks)

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Looking at computer screens for 8 to 10 hours per day can make you feel increasingly fatigued.

If you do not take proper care, working at your desk for a prolonged period can cause discomfort. It includes neck strain, shoulder pain, dryness of eyes, blurred vision, and other problems.

One great solution to this problem is to use an adjustable computer monitor arm.

It provides better desk ergonomics and allows you to work comfortably by getting a better viewing angle.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best adjustable computer monitor arms available online right now.


What is a computer monitor arm?

A monitor arm may look a bit robotic, but it’s basically a mountable framing system for monitors. It has movable parts, and you can attach it to a wall, ceiling, or office desk.

It allows you to change the elevation and viewing angle of your monitor(s) at will. So, you can always set your monitor at a comfortable eye-level even when you shift from a sitting to a standing work position or vice versa. Now let’s move to understand why a monitor arm is important.

wali dual computer monitor arm

The top 8 Adjustable Computer Monitor Arm for you:

1. WALI Fully Adjustable Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

For people working on two monitors simultaneously, I’d recommend this fully adjustable desk mount stand by WALI.



2. Amazon Basics Dual Monitor Stand with Height-Adjustable Arm Mount

A product by the reputed Amazon’s home brand, Amazon Basics, this dual monitor stand is a great catch.



3. NB Monitor Desk Mount Stand with Full Motion Swivel Monitor Arm

NB North Bayou’s desk mount stand is another interesting purchase option.



4. Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand

Customers highly rated this dual monitor stand from Huanuo.


huonuo dual monitor stand

5. Vrachos Adjustable Foldable Aluminum Laptop Stand

If you are looking for a laptop stand where you can adjust the height and position, this product is for you.



6. WALI Fully Adjustable Quad Monitor Stand

For people working on multiple screens, WALI’s quad monitor stand is the best option for you.


wali quad computer monitor arm

Product shot of WALI adjustable quad monitor stand

7. Rife Heavy Duty Single Monitor Arm Stand

This is another great product to fit one screen. I’m referring to Rife’s fully Adjustable Monitor Arm Stand Mount.



8. AVLT Dual 13″-35″ Monitor Arm Desk Mount

This is another outstanding product for those who work or play on dual screens.



Benefits of a computer monitor arm:

1. Corrects your posture and ensure you are working comfortably

A computer monitor arm helps bring the screen to your eye level and keeps it at arm’s length from you.

You can find the work posture you’re most comfortable with by adjusting its height and depth and the angle of your monitor. The monitor arm keeps you away from leaning back or hunching over to see your screen.


2. Reduces eye strain

Say goodbye to burning and dry eyes, eye twitches, blurred vision, and other optical woes. You can prevent getting computer vision syndrome with the help of a monitor arm.

Position the monitor at a level that best suits your height and viewing angle to avoid straining your eyes while staring at the work screen.


3. Improves productivity

Several dual and multi-monitors are available in the market. Thanks to this, you have more flexibility and control over your work environment.

If you work on multiple monitors, such arms will help you place the screens one on top of the other, side-by-side, or however you want to. All of this helps to improve your productivity level.


4. Help keep your workspace neat

An adjustable computer monitor arm leaves no footprint on your desk. How? Remember, I mentioned you can attach it to the wall behind your desk, or the ceiling above it, or the back of your desk? Thanks to this, you have a lot of free space on your desk for accessories and other stuff.


Final Thoughts

So now I’ve told you about the best ones available in the market. It’s your turn to decide.

There are various factors such as sturdiness and stability of the arm, price of the product, etc., which you should consider before you purchase one.

You should also look at the extent and level of adjustments the product offers. This would help you work more comfortably.

Have you used an adjustable computer monitor arm before? Drop a comment to let us all know about your experience.

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