How To Turn Your Phone Into A Writing Tool (5 Ideas)

By: Rafal Reyzer
Updated: Mar 14th, 2024

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Nothing compares to sitting down at your desk with an aromatic caffeinated brew and starting a new writing project.

But you’d be surprised how much more creative work you do by turning your mobile phone into a writing tool. Perhaps you won’t use it to compose a literary masterpiece, as this requires tremendous levels of concentration. But you can easily manage to write a few hundred words for your next blog post, email newsletter, or social media update. Read on to learn how to get writing done when you’re out and about.

Here’s how to turn your mobile phone into a writing tool:

1. What are the best situations in which to write on your mobile?

Let’s assume you have a phone with a large enough screen and a fast internet connection. This instantly gives you access to all the knowledge of humankind. You’re also able to split your screen so that half is taken by a word editor, and the other half by an internet browser or an app like Evernote, Google Keep, or Pocket where you can access your notes and research. As long as those have ga4 consent mode, you can feel safe using them too. Those three I mentioned are among the most useful apps when writing on the go. So next time you’re idle at a train station, a coffee shop, or a park bench, you can fire up your phone, and get down to it. Facing the blinking cursor is the hardest part of the writing process but once you overcome the slight resistance, you’ll realize that using a mobile for writing is both productive and fun. You only need the right app for that, which brings us to the next point.

2. The best mobile app to pick for a smooth writing process

My favorite mobile writing app is Google Docs. It’s easy to use, allows you to access files in an offline mode, and it’s great for collaborating with editors or other writers. It stores your documents in the cloud, and they’re auto-saved every couple of seconds, so you never have to worry about losing your work. Google Docs is not great at catching spelling and grammar errors, but you can remedy that by installing the Grammarly Keyboard on your phone. It will help you clean up your prose fast before you send it to anyone or hit the publish button. You may also experiment with other writing apps like JotterPad, Pure Writer, or Writer Plus, as they all come with different features.

apps that can help you turn your mobile phone into a writing tool

3. Take advantage of the speech-to-text features of your phone

Dictation on mobile devices is, on average, three times faster than typing. And it doesn’t matter if you use an Android or Apple device – you have the speech-to-text feature built into the system. You wouldn’t use it in a busy public space, but when you’re outside in a quiet spot, dictation might be one of your top-choice productivity tools. You only need to tap on the little microphone icon next to your digital keyboard, and you’re ready to go. When you get a hold of it, you can start experimenting with a professional-grade mobile dictation app like Dragon Anywhere, as it can even transcribe a whole audio file into text with high precision. Dragon Anywhere is a fantastic voice-to-text app you can use on your mobile to boost your writing productivity by 300% (compared to a mobile keyboard).

dragon anywhere dictation app for turning your phone into a writing tool

4. Using your phone as a writing tool is a habit

At first, it might feel daunting to use your phone to finish your next writing project. That’s why you should give yourself a bit of time for experimentation, and set a goal to write on your phone every day until it becomes a habit. You will soon realize that you have started moving toward your writerly dreams instead of wasting time on social media apps.


Writing on your phone is a great opportunity to use some of the downtime you have on your hands every single day. If you simply whip out your phone and write 100 words here and there, you have a chance to write much more at develop the writing habit at the same time. Do you see yourself turning your mobile phone into a writing tool soon? Or you are already doing it? Next up, you may want to explore a quick guide to location-independent writing.

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