8 Best Writing Tablets for Teachers (In 2023)

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Online courses, universities, nano degrees, certifications, and corporate upskilling are in vogue.

Writing tablets for teachers serves as an invaluable tool in this environment, allowing educators, coaches, trainers, and instructors to deliver their content in a fresh format.

If you want to enliven your learning environment, explore the following list of the top writing tablets available right now.


Why would you need a writing tablet, you ask?

Imagine you’re a math teacher, and you need to solve an algorithm problem that involves multiple steps. How time-consuming and confusing would it be if you had to explain it over a call with nothing on the screen?

This is where the writing tablet enters. With a tab, you can easily use a digital pen to solve the problem and explain all the steps to your students with visuals. Online teaching becomes so much easier and faster with a writing tab.

You can also record sessions using a webcam on Zoom while you’re writing on the tab and the same will display on your laptop screen.

Tabs weigh less than laptops, have built-in cameras, and work with most stylus pens. Some even come with a keyboard case option.

Several learning/collaboration apps and websites on tabs benefit both students and teachers. Now that I’ve mentioned why you need one, let’s dive into our major topic.

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8 Best Writing Tablets for Teachers:

1. Apple iPad Pro

If you own other Apple products, you wouldn’t want to miss this revolutionary product. This tab has a name of its own: the “iPad”. Available in various versions, this 2020 4th generation Apple iPad Pro is one of its kind.

Its features:


2. Wacom Intuos

This drawing tablet by Wacom gives the feel of a notebook or sketchpad. If you’re a physics or math tutor, you’re going to love this. This tab has equally distanced dots that make spatial orientation very easy. This product is widely used by graphic artists around the world.

Its features:


3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 with S pen

If you are in love with Android, this tab is the best one for you. Noting down on the tab with the S Pen feels like you’re writing on paper. If you’re on a tight budget, this will prove to be a reasonable investment.

Its features:

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4. XP Pen

Out of all the best writing tablets for teachers, the XP Pen is the most budget-friendly and easy-to-use writing tablet. It is super thin and highly portable. It supports Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Suite, and many other software and apps.

Its features:


5. Amazon Fire 7

The Amazon Fire 7 is an affordable tablet with a super durable build. As an Amazon product, it is compatible with various apps for Kindle including Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

Its features:


6. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

This is a new tab + laptop combo option for teachers! It comes with a pen, making it easy for educators to write notes on the tab while recording simultaneously. The best thing is its ability to transform into a fully functional laptop.

Its features:


7. Lenovo Smart Tab M8

If you’re looking for a writing tab with long battery life, choose the Lenovo Smart tab M8. It has a compact design and falls under the affordable category.

Its features:

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8. HP 2-in-1 Chromebook

This is a hybrid choice for all the teachers looking for the best writing tablets. Owing to this Chromebook’s versatility, I’d recommend this for use as a writing tablet.

Its features:


Wrap Up

You may not find the best writing tablets for teachers if you think you’ll get a “one size fits all” product.

You need to prioritize and think of the features you need the most. Is it a big screen, battery backup, camera, price, or something else?

A writing tab comes with a host of benefits. This includes organizing files, enhancing students’ creative skills, and streamlining class record-keeping. I wish you all the best in making your purchase.

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