8 Best Apps To Improve Writing Skills (In 2023)

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Depending on what writing skill you need to develop, there are different apps to help you out.

Grammarly is one of the most popular and widely used apps for giving your writing a boost. But, other apps are just as efficient, even more so, at improving your writing skills.

I’ve compiled a list of the eight best apps to improve writing skills.

These apps do not just correct grammatical or spelling errors. They also improve readability and clarity. Some provide training opportunities, while others offer features that help organize your thoughts before making them into texts.

I’ve compiled a list of the eight best apps to improve your writing skills. Whether you are a pro writer or an amateur, the following are some of the best writing tools that can help improve your writing skills.


8 Best Apps To Improve Writing Skills:

1. ProWriting Aid

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ProWriting Aid is a 3-in-1 editing tool. It works as a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor.

It is a vital tool for any form of writing. It helps you check grammar, sentence structure, and line editing, thus facilitating editing and revision.

ProWriting Aid’s Other Notable Features:

The in-depth reports it offers after checking your work help to strengthen your writing. It also provides quizzes, articles, and videos that make writing fun and interactive while improving your writing skills.

It has three versions: a Free version, a premium version, and a premium plus version. The last two are paid versions, which can be integrated with MS Word, Google Docs, Chrome, and Scrivener.


2. Grammarly

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This is arguably the most popular writing editing app. It works best at making your texts mistake-free.

It scans your text for grammatical and spelling errors, punctuation errors, and misplaced modifiers. It is more like a safety net, but it has a catch: it provides detailed explanations for each mistake.

If you consider these explanations, you will avoid such mistakes in the future. In subsequent writings, implementing what you have learned will help you create better content.

Grammarly’s Other Notable Features:


3. Scrivener

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This is a writing app for authors. Whether you are a novelist, screenwriter, non-fiction writer, journalist, student, or academic, this is a must-have.

Scrivener can integrate what you write into an easy-to-use project outline. You also have your research materials within reach at all times and open them right next to your work.

It is a tailor-made tool for long-writing projects. It can serve as your digital scrapbook, typewriter, and ring binder.

Scrivener’s Other Notable Features:

You would need to purchase a license for Scrivener to work on your computer, but you can also take advantage of their 30-day trial before buying.


4. iA. Writer

iA writer feature

If you primarily work on short blog posts and articles, this is the ideal app to improve your writing skills. It is excellent for small projects and inexpensive.

It features a minimalist design that makes it appealing and easy to use. Although it does not provide templates, you can export to WordPress and Medium directly.

iA Writer’s Other Notable Features:


5. Rev

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Transcribing is easier with Rev. This is a tremendous speech-to-text app.

It offers audio and video transcription by human professionals with 99% accuracy at $1.25 per minute, while machine-generated transcripts cost 25 cents per minute with 80% accuracy.

It also provides captions for videos at $1.25 per minute, foreign subtitling at $3-7 per minute, and live captions for Zoom at $20 per host.

One of the most impressive things about Rev is its overt pricing. What you see is what you get.

If you get too tired to type, this is a valuable dictation app that you can use on your iPhone or Android phone.


6. Evernote

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Evernote is an excellent tool for organizing your work as a writer. Although it might look a little confusing at first, there is nothing to hate once you get used to it.

I’m really pleased with how it can save web pages with its web clipper tool and pull them up whenever you need them. Having all you need to create good content in one place not only helps you capture ideas but helps you find them quickly.

Evernote’s Other Notable Features:


7. Ulysses

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This looks very similar to Scrivener but offers a different experience. While it might take a while to get used to Scrivener, Ulysses provides tutorials on using its features.

If you want to hack formatting, this is one of the best apps to improve your writing skills.

Once you get familiar with its Markdown formatting style, you will find it easier to keep your flow while writing and editing don’t get any better than what it offers.

Ulysses’ Other Notable Features:

It runs on Mac and iOS devices and is subscription-based. You pay $4.99 or $39.99 per year.


8. Google Keyword Planner

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If you are an SEO writer or want to optimize your writing for SEO, the Google Keyword Planner is invaluable.

It helps you identify the most-searched keywords quickly.

Once you get help with keyword research and selecting the correct terms, your writing gets in front of the right people. This is especially useful for writers who work on product descriptions and marketing writing.


Wrap Up

In the making of great apps to improve writing skills, there is no end. These eight best apps are just a few of many.

They will help you take notes, organize your work, check for errors and suggest corrections, check for plagiarism, ensure that you write clearly, and use the right tones.

The only way these apps will help improve your writing is to take their suggestions and corrections into consideration and use their features to improve your writing.

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