6 Best Pillow Holders For Tablets (Must-Have)

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You may be considering buying a pillow holder for your tablet for some good reasons.


And, why not? It frees up your hands and allows you to use your device in a more comfortable position.

Secondly, it allows you to place the tablet at the right angle for reading or viewing.

Thirdly, it’s a cozy piece of equipment that will let you use your tablet in a much more pleasurable way. After all, the pillow-like design means it’s soft and cuddly.

So in this review, I’m going to show you some of the snuggliest tablet holders with a pillow-like design.

They will revolutionize the way you use your tablet, as they come with extra features you may not know about.


Six Top Pillow Holders for Tablets


tablet lying next to a pillow

Ready to keep your tablet in an ergonomic position?


1. MoKo Tablet Pillow Stand


Makes a Wonderful Gift
MoKo Tablet Pillow Stand

Compatible with most electronic tablets 11" or smaller such as iPad 10.2", iPad Mini, iPad Pro, Galaxy Tab, etc.

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09/21/2022 05:54 am GMT


All right, let’s start with the most functional among tablet holders.

It’s soft, it’s cozy, and it’s available in a dozen different color patterns so you can match it with your current interior. All in all, you can pick from denim blue, coffee, magenta, purple, red wine, and several others.

The reason why I put it as number one on this list is that it’s multi-functional. First, it has this unique shallow groove that will keep your tablet in place.

Moreover, you can use it in two different settings – folded and unfolded.

When it’s folded, it creates a perfect space for your tablet and places it at the right reading angle.

When unfolded, it gives you lots of extra surface area where you can place a Bluetooth keyboard, and turn this tiny pillow into a small desk.

The exact size of this item is 12.6 x 9.45 x 6.7, which is more than enough for the vast majority of tablets. It also weighs only 8.3 ounces, so it’s easy to take it on the road with you.


2. Flippy Multi-Angle Soft Pillow Lap Stand For Tablets


Lightweight Yet Sturdy
The Original Flippy Multi-Angle Soft Pillow Book and Tablet Lap Stand

This patented multi-angle tablet and book holder makes reading and viewing comfier and more fun. Available in several colors.

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09/21/2022 12:10 am GMT


Flippy has been around for a long time, and for a good reason. It’s a unique product that allows you to place the tablet at the proper angle, depending on the situation.

All you need to do is flip it, and you’re able to choose from three different viewing angles.

This holder is also soft and cozy like a pillow and available in five different colors (burgundy, charcoal, gray, kiwi green, and pink).

Thousands of people have bought it, and it always gets positive reviews. After all, it’s sturdy and made of lightweight foam, yet the outer layer is made of ultra-suede that’s soft to touch.

You can use it not only for your tablet but also for a book or a magazine and play around with different heights and angles 8.5” (49°) x 7.9” (70°) x 6.6” (61°), 11.5”.

Finally, it’s quite inexpensive, and it’s a perfect idea for a quality book lover’s gift.


3. Trenton Gifts Plush Tablet Holder


Comfortable Hands-free Viewing
Trenton Gifts Plush Tablet Holder

A comfier way to watch movies and TV series on your tablet while lounging on a sofa, bed, or during a long commute on a bus, train, or ferry.

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09/21/2022 12:11 am GMT


If you’re looking for a budget pillow holder, this one should be your number one choice.

It has a simple design that will let you place the tablet vertically or horizontally, and see the entire screen without obscuring anything.

It’s also quite compact (9.4″ L x 7.1″ W x 4.7″ H) and light (3.36 ounces), so it will be a perfect travel companion for you. But most of the time you’ll probably use it to get comfy on your bed or couch.

Now instead of holding your tablet in your hands, you can stretch out, take a sip of coffee, and forget all of the cares in the world.

If you’re using a Kindle reader or any other type of e-reader, this holder will accommodate it too. And when it gets slightly dirty, you can always take off the cover and give it a thorough wash.


4. Renegade Concepts Universal Beanbag Lap Stand for iPad


Soft, Light, and Convenient
Renegade Concepts Lap Pro Tablet and Book Stand

A smart solution for holding your tablet or book on your lap, desk, or bed for hands-free reading or viewing.

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Now, if you’re into a real pillow that’s designed to serve as a tablet holder, you might consider this “beanbag” from the Renegade Concepts.

It’s available in three different colors (black, blue, red), and it will give your tablet the right amount of support so that it stays in place at the correct angle.

It will fit all sorts of mobile devices, along with books and magazines.

The only thing that might be an issue is that after some time, it can get a bit too soft, which may compromise the appropriate reading angle.

But overall, it’s a lovely pillow-like product that’s also multi-functional. It doubles as a carrying tote and has two pockets in it.


5. MoKo Tablet Pillow Stand


Nifty Tablet Accessory
MoKo Totable Pillow Tablet Stand, Denim Blue

Makes reading or watching from your iPad or Android tablet super comfy while lying on the bed or sofa. With pockets for chargers, earphones, and other stuff.

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Here’s another product from MoKo, and this one is a soft cushion that’s designed especially to hold a tablet.

It doesn’t matter if you have a tablet with an 11-inch screen or something much smaller, this pillow will accommodate it and provide you with an ergonomic viewing angle.

It comes in three different colors (pink, denim blue, green), and it’s made from premium quality linen and cotton. You can quickly take off of the cover and machine-wash it, so it’s always lovely and fresh.

It’s 9.1 x 8.3 x 8.3 inches in size and weighs only 6.2 ounces making it extremely portable. It’s also a bit more convenient than other tablet holders because it has extra pockets on the sides you can use to put your phone or earphones in.

Even though it comes in the form of a cushion, it’s sturdy enough to keep your device in place. At the same time, it’s flexible, so you can always adjust it to get the right angle.


6. Book Couch iPad Tablet Holder


Nifty Reading Accessory
Book Couch Book/Electronic Tablet Holder – Red

Makes reading and watching from your tablet more comfortable whether you are on the bed or sofa.

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09/21/2022 10:09 am GMT


Lastly, let’s take a look at this “book couch,” which truly looks like a couch.

It’s one of the best gifts for a writer or a book lover who spends a lot of time browsing the web on their tablet.

You can get it in two colors, either red or blue. Personally, I prefer blue because it’s easier on the eye and puts your mind in a relaxed state.

That’s precisely the mood you want to maintain when relaxing in bed and watching something on your tablet.

This holder is also perfect for books because it has a special slot that keeps the pages in place. With that, you can go into hands-free mode, and prevent unnecessary strain on your neck and back.

It even has a small pocket in the back where you can place your earphones, reading glasses, or a pen for your tablet.

Finally, it’s entirely machine washable and will provide you with hours of blissful comfort each evening.


Are you ready to use your tablet in comfort?


Holding a tablet in your hands can put a lot of strain on your wrists and neck. It also prevents you from doing other things with your hands (like drinking an aromatic, warm beverage, for example).

Fortunately, you can solve this quickly by purchasing a high-quality pillow holder. This item will become your best friend, as you try to wind down in the evening, lay on the sofa, read an ebook, or watch your favorite show.

I hope that by familiarizing yourself with the items in this review, you have a better idea of which one would work best for you.

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